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Naked Mindz Educator: Gail Gibson – Compliance, wealth management for the financial Services industry, Guru .

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Naked Mindz: Our Chief  Trainer and Developer

Edupreneur, Gail Gibson CFP® CHt EPP D.Emed CISCP, is known as the: “Financial Services Compliance Specialist who is also a registered Traditional Healer”. Few people know her as a certified Supply Chain Specialist.

Possessing what her lecturers call a “lively intellect”,  Gail  has molded this into an ability to content develop almost anything into simple material. She says this is due to a large group of family and friends who made her explain things to them- alot!

Financial Services and investmentcturep

Gail has a passion for Compliance and  financial services subjects like FAIS, FICA, Medical Schemes, Insurance Acts and pension funds and so forth. She is a competent investor in her own right and has done  stock market investments since 1992.

Compliance, ethics  and risk training

After working on the Compliance  Practitioner for the Compliance Institute of South Africa and the Financial Planning Institute programs,  Gail went on to develop international trademark  courses in compliance, risk, wealth management and Estate planning.  She is served as vice chair of FPI Health Competency Committee assisting with FPI practice standards , health training program and Health 1, 2, 3 program. With

Under her role as senior lecturer for Moonstone Business School of Excellence( MBSE) she is developing  the 91671 Compliance course outline NQF level 6 240 credits  which is accredited with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations course (QCTO)

91671 Compliance course outline NQF level 6 240 credits

She has a passion for leadership and believes people need to be taught ethical behaviour as required by a company, especially in the financial services, supply chain and compliance areas.

Leading and serving  the community with :

She has served as a nominated Chair of a number of national consumer organisations, which she says is why treating customer’s fairly (TCF) is almost second nature to her.

She loves empowering people, so it is no surprise that she follows a deeply spiritual path as a counsellor. Gail is a certified Medical and Dental institute of Hypnosis graduate and has obtained the right to use the international designation Certified Hypnotherapist. These studies included neuro linguistic programing. Using this knowledge makes her one of the few trainers who can use metaprograms to train and develop content making her training and content development effective.

Personal experience of trauma make her believe that trauma counselling is not enough for traumatic incidents. Gail partners with other specialists , who are leaders in their field of psychology and counselling. She is developing an embitterment prevention program to be offered after traumatic incidents.

You can connect with Gail: or contact her on 083 200 3547


What skills of Gail’s does Naked Mindz use?

  • Specialist knowledge of Compliance, risk and ethics.
  • The  full spectrum of financial environments: insurance, pension funds, local and offshore investments and medical schemes.
  • Professional qualifications under FPI, EPASA and IMHDA.
  • Advanced Postgraduate qualifications in Financial Planning at NQF8 level in risk and estates. Academic qualifications for training, ethics, investment and clinical health skills.
  • Certified supply chain professional qualification
  • Learnership and development.
  • Registered assessor and moderator skills.
  • Publishing skills as she is a published writer, designer and developer of material with editing experience.

At Naked Mindz: 

Gail has to:

Managed the contract and service level process with our partners for whom we develop, design and train Professional Programs. These include trademark courses certified by the  Global Academy of Finance and Management (USA), the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), the High Level Training Institute in Macedonia, Octomate, FPI and a number of other local companies.

She is our SME for FAIS, TCF, FICA, hypnotherapy, psychology, counselling, International anti money laundering, anti corruption and anti bribery (ABC) with a keen knowledge of Guernsey, West Africa, USA and UK.

She implements design and maintains training on the International on-line platforms.

She also bakes the  delicious biscuits we devour!







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