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Naked Mindz Educator: David Gibson: Award wining IT engineer who brews beer

IMG_3853David Gibson lurks on the IT side and is an accredited Microsoft trainer. To save his soul, his family gave him  a brew  kit for his 40th birthday. True to form he started to create his own beer recipe and won three People’s Choice awards for his Stout “Black Adder”. His brewery got  given the name”Drink Responsibly”  as he always gave this advice when supplying the student body of Rand Afrikaans University and later the University of Johannesburg with beer to raise money in their functions.

Drink Responsibly is what the family and the club the “Worthogs” believes in. Today David is vice chair of the East Rand Worthogs and has a reputation for his beer brewing of Scottish type ales. His Black adder Stout has won three People’s Choice awards.

David passion is to show people how to make beer and has a large science kit in the back of his garden which he calls ” the Copper Kettle brewery.” He still takes his laptop  up there, but drinks responsibly. He also was able to source some of the best  tempreture control kits  overseas and imports them for fellow beer brewers. Check out the store for more information

Other than IT and Beer David has a keen interest in the South African War known as  Operation Savannah in Angola and South West Africa which he played a key role in being the second panzer car over Bridge 14 in Papatroop. His twin brother Eion Gibson was the driver in the first panzer car to cross the bridge.  Click on the link to read about Papatroop’s adventures.

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