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Juta has a new publication by Gail Gibson



Now Available

The best and quickest to order  would be for a potential customer to phone Juta  Customer Services Dept and request the book. The number is +27 21 659 2300. They will make the necessary arrangements to courier the book to the customer.

Why would you buy this book?

It is a comprehensive step by step guide  for Governance, risk and  compliance.

Easy to follow with great ideas on how to put in a top notch compliance program.  It has a strong South African influence, but the principles apply internationally. The author was a Group Compliance Manager  with Discovery for over five years and then became a top international trainer.  She has ample experience in making a tough subject simple. A great book to start out on the journey to compliance, but also a must have to the serious  practitioner.

What will you get in the book?

HEre is a small snippet of some of the topics covered

  • How to manage your risk in the GRC arena with risk tools to use
  • Corporate governance
  • How to put in a compliance program, including compliance charters, policies and codes
  • When to use a code and when to use a policy.
  • What to put into a process
  • How to get buy in from the executive
  • Communication techniques
  • How to read legislation and what supervision  in the regulatory space consists off
  • Monitoring, what to do and when
  • Audits how to do them and what to do with reviews
  • A complete ABC section- anti money laundering, anti bribery laundering and anti corruption
  • Laws in the different areas of GRC
  • The manager in the GRC process
  • How to be a compliance leader
  • Business continuity plans and disaster management
  • Training


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