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CRA® Certified Risk Analyst

Gail Gibson did it again! After Dr Shpend Imeri asked she dug deep into her post Graduate studies and created CRA® Certified Risk Analyst.

Her students loved it:

My favourite risk team

A successful risk culture begins with fostering open dialogue where every employee in the organization has some level of ownership of the organization’s risks and this course tests not only the ability of the students to do this but also to:

  • Use risk analysis as a key business driver
  • Appreciate the benefits of accurate risk management
  • Develop an integrated strategy for the identification, analysis, prioritization and mitigation of risk
  • Comply with major risk management standards
  • Successfully determine and avoid the common pitfalls in risk analysis
  • Develop a comprehensive tool-kit for successful risk analysis

Look at our students at work. There was no slacking off in this course:IMG_0643

Gail explained the techniques ensuring the students could implement them in practicals.CRA at wok

The last time Gail did a course like this it resulted in a book- Is there another one coming Gail?

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