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CCO™ Certified Compliance Officer :

The CCO™ CertifiedCompliance Officer : December 2015 graduate group with Gail Gibson

The CCO™ Certified Compliance Officer : December 2015 graduate group with Gail Gibson

It took months to finalise but the CCO™ Certified Compliance Officer  was a runaway success! The  Compliance course had rave reviews and the students were enthusiastic. One suggestion was that we look at a more generic qualification,  which we can offer to environmental and charity organisations. So GAFM…..

As a result of the findings of the course Gail went on to put the material in a book format which was accepted by Juta for publishing immediately. The book is called the ABCs of GRC (Governance, risk and compliance simplified)and looks at the course material in more depth than is possible  on the course.

Naked Mindz is proud of Gail and her ability to create success. Maybe now we need a course in leadership during trying times Gail?

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