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Learning is great for the mind

On going learning can prevent alzheimer's and dementia, it also improves health and lifestyle. Speak to Gail for both professional courses and fun to learn ones

Lifestyle chiropractic

Doctor Gibson has an active practice. Her patients would be surprised to know she is a well known university lecturer who can create any health material you need.

Learn Beer brewing

Learn how to brew full grain mash and kit beers. We also can help you with the equipment. David may live in IT, with a passion for beer, but he is also an excellent Microsoft accredited trainer.

Photography for pros

Lights, Camera, Action! Brian knows everything about cars and cameras. His professional photographic work may be in the autotrader, but his action photos and videos hint of other skills.

Naked Mindz- Just education!

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This is Gail’s new book The A-Z of GRC : Governance, Risk and Compliance simplified available from:


Why is this site called Naked Mindz?

Naked Mindz was formed because a group of like minded individuals believed they had nothing better to do than educate people.

They got together to discover other than beer brewing, good wine and divine food, education was a passion. One night (there was lots of wine, beer and way too much food) they decided to create a community where they discuss educating and knowledge with others of the same ilk. As often happens with such people, they attracted some internet addicts and -well it was downhill from there with websites being created and education given.

Naked Mindz wants allow others to be exposed to education by using other minds to help spread the knowledge.

Courses can be found at: Africa

If  you suffer from a burning passion to inform, educate and otherwise improve other people, you are welcome to send your credentials to this site, so long as  you  appreciate  good wine,  good beer and delicious food as well. We have a couple of other quirks you  would have to adhere to as well.

We do not believe in violence as a means to solve differences, even with deaf morons or politicians.

We believe in respecting others even when they are really wrong.

Any material you submit to this site is your own work and is up to date in content.

You have read the disclaimer.

The Naked Mindz group always reserves the right to refuse  or terminate any relationship, possibly because they may not like the beer you drink.

Contact Gail at +27 832003547 or email at